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Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Schedules

Also known as the “island of the knights”, Rhodes combines a rich history, impressive medieval architecture, magnificent beaches and a beautiful natural landscape! The Old Town of Rhodes, with its stone-paved streets and elegant mansions, is a World Heritage Site.

Marmaris Rodos Feribot, Marmaris Rhodes Ferry

Marmaris Rhodes Ferry

With the Marmaris Rhodes ferry, you can easily reach the island of Rhodes. Marmaris Rhodes ferry services, which continue throughout the year, are arranged reciprocally every day, especially in the summer months.

Ferry to Rhodes from other Greek islands

You can easily reach Rhodes by ferry from Athens (the port of Piraeus) as there are about 4 to 5 trips per week. However, the journey takes 16 to 18 hours. Outside of Athens, Rhodes is connected by ferry to Kos, Patmos, Leros, Symi and more. There are also some ferry routes connecting Rhodes to Heraklion and Karpathos about 3 times a week.

If you are going to travel to Rhodes from a different Greek island, you can easily buy your ticket here.

Ferry to Rhodes

Rhodes uniquely combines cosmopolitan flair with medieval architecture!

Natural scenery, imposing buildings, ancient cities and picturesque villages meet with magnificent beaches, fashion boutiques, the best restaurants, and dance clubs. No wonder why it never fails to amaze travelers from all over the world!

The most important monuments of the island can be seen in the Old Town. The Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, attracting millions of visitors each year! Wander through the paved streets, visit the Venetian Castle, the Alley of the Knights, and the Palace of the Grand Masters. The atmosphere will enchant you!

There is so much to do on the island other than exploring the Old Town! Visit the majestic Lindos Acropolis, Butterfly Valley, Filerimos Monastery, do water sports, and go on tour. The adventure never ends in Rhodes!

As for its beaches, some of the best in Greece! Secluded or crowded, cosmopolitan or hidden, there’s no way you can’t find the perfect beach for you. Lindos, Anthony Quinn, Faliraki, Tsambika, Kallithea, and Agathi are some of the best beaches on the island!

Get ready to create great memories in Rhodes! Wander around the historic city, visit medieval monuments, explore imposing castles, dine at excellent restaurants, and swim on its magnificent beaches.

Take your Marmaris Rhodes ferry ticket cause Rhodes always offers something new to discover!

Rhodes Island

It is the fourth largest island in Greece after Crete, Evia and Lesbos, and the largest of the twelve islands to which it is connected. The island, which is one of the most popular islands in the country, is also one of the must-see islands with its unique history.

The Colossus of Rhodes was built in Rhodes, dedicated to Helios, the sun god, which was once one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. There is also the best preserved old town (Old Town).

How to Get to Rhodes?

Marmaris Rhodes ferry departures resumed in 2022. You have 3 options for Rhodes transportation. There are ferry services to Rhodes island from Marmaris, Bodrum, and Fethiye from Turkey.

The journey takes 60 minutes on the Marmaris Rhodes ferry services and the fastest route is to the island. Ferry services of Yesil Marmaris Lines company are reciprocating every day in summer with ferries departing from Marmaris Cruise Port.

Bodrum Rhodes ferry services are made periodically. Rhodes trips from Fethiye are made every day in the summer months.

The port where ferries depart on the island of Rhodes is the touristic port of Rhodes, it is located outside the walls just in front of the old city. You can easily reach the old city and the center from the port.

What Are The Places to Visit in Rhodes?

The island is very rich in places to visit. Click here to review the must-see places on the island, which also has one of the best preserved medieval cities, including the Butterfly Valley from the Lindos Acropolis, in the Places to Visit in Rhodes travel guide we have prepared for you.

Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Schedules

Marmaris Rhodes ferry services are organized all year round. Ferry services increase especially during the busy summer months.

Ferries departing between Marmaris and Rhodes depart at 09:15. Travel on this route takes only 60 minutes. Rhodes Marmaris ferries depart at 17:00.

Ferries departing from Fethiye to Rhodes Island depart at 08:30. The duration of the trip is an average of 120 minutes. Rhodes Fethiye ferries depart at 17:00.

Bodrum Rhodes ferry services are carried out periodically, and the time and days of departure in 2023 are not yet known.

You can search for the most suitable ferry ticket and times on, which we have prepared for you, and you can buy your Rhodes ferry ticket with the best price guarantee by examining its options.

Even if you have purchased a ferry ticket online, you must be at the port 1 hour before the passport and visa checks for check-in procedures within the framework of travel rules, and a boarding card is issued after the checks.

Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Ticket Price

Marmaris Rhodes ferry ticket prices vary according to the routes they travel. There are three different ticket price types on the ferries of Yesil Marmaris Lines, which operates Marmaris Rhodes ferry, as adults, children, and infants. Tickets are sold as one-way, daily return, and round-trip.

The ticket price of Marmaris Rhodes ferry is 52 Euros per person one way, 52 Euros per day, and 80 Euros round trip for adults. Tickets for children aged 3-6 are 32 Euros one way, 32 Euros for daily return, and 55 Euros for round trip. Tickets for babies aged 0-2 are 5 Euros for one way, daily return, and round trip. Prices include Marmaris and Rhodes port taxes.

Tickets for ferries departing from Fethiye are 75 Euros for adults, 60 Euros for children, and 5 Euros for babies.

For Rhodes campaigns and packages, you can visit Rhodes holidays on our website.

What Are the Passport & Visa Requirements for Rhodes

In order to go to Rhodes, the fourth largest island of Greece, you should check if you are required to have a valid Schengen visa to visit Greece. You may check the details on the Countries Need Visa For Greece page.

You can buy a Marmaris Rhodes ferry ticket with the best price guarantee on our website If you wish, you can also access ferry tickets from Rhodes to different Greek islands via the link on our website.

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Which Islands Can You Go To From Rhodes

There are, of course, alternative routes for those who think about which other islands they can go to while on vacation on the island of Rhodes. The most popular of these is undoubtedly the island of Symi.

You can go to Symi island daily by ferryboats departing from Rhodes port. The ferry journey takes only 90 minutes. The ferry departs at 08:30 in the morning and returns at 17:00 in the evening. You can spend a total of 6 hours and 30 minutes on the island on the Rhodes – Symi trip, which is made on the same day.

On the island of Symi, the ferry also stops at the monastery in Panormitis. You can spend time on the island trying local delicacies or on the beaches.

You can spend time getting lost in pastel-colored houses and streets. You can also buy island-specific souvenirs. Rhodes Symi island ferry services continue in summer and winter.

There are also ferries departing from Rhodes island to Kastellorizo island, Kos island, Leros island, Kalymnos island, Santorini island, Samos island, and Athens (Pire Port) on the mainland. You can view the islands you can transit from Rhodes, ferry times, and prices by clicking here.

The Best Beaches of Rhodes

Of course, Rhodes, the island of the Knights, which brings together different civilizations, also has beautiful beaches. Rhodes, the fourth largest island of Greece, hosts its guests for a wonderful sea holiday with its 34 blue flag beaches.

Elli beach is one of the most popular beaches in Rhodes island, which is very close to the center and Mandraki Port. In terms of its location, you can also sit on the beach, which is the easiest to reach, if you wish, or you can get sun loungers and umbrellas.

Other popular beaches on the island are Faliraki Beach, Lindos Beach, Anthony Quinn’s Bay, St. Paul’s Bay and Tsambika Beach.

Car Rental in Rhodes

Considering that the island is quite large and the distances between the regions are taken into account, it is the most logical to rent a car on the island of Rhodes, as it is in all Greek islands.

Due to the weak public transportation systems and being at certain times, we recommend you to rent a car in order to move freely during your trip and to travel smoothly between the places to visit on the island of Rhodes. You can contact us to rent a car at the most affordable prices. With the new type of chip driver’s licenses, car rental is done without any problems.

A wonderful holiday awaits you on the island of Rhodes. You can take any of the holiday options prepared specifically for you which includes the ferry, hotel, and port taxes. You may also modify them as you wish.

Why should you visit Rhodes?

  • Wander through the medieval city of Rhodes, the largest and best preserved fortified city in Europe.
  • Visit the archaeological museum and the Süleyman mosque.
  • Admire the impressive art deco buildings near the Mandraki port.
  • Take a trip to Lindos, a miniature of the Cyclades, with its Acropolis and the beautiful beach of Agios Pavlos.
  • Rhodes butterfly valley, 26 km from the city, is home to thousands of butterflies of various species.
  • Enjoy panoramic views of the Aegean from Mount Philerimos, overlooking the small town of Ialyssos.
  • Snap a photo from the top of the “Roloi” clock tower to share an impressive panorama on Instagram.

Rhodes Port

Port of Rhodes, Rhodes Town, 85100, Greece.

Telephone: +30 2241028888
Fax: +30 2241027365

GPS Co-ordinates
28.2326 ° N, 36.4468 ° E