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Places to Visit in Rhodes Island

Also known as the “island of the Knights”, Rhodes combines a rich history, impressive medieval architecture, magnificent beaches and a beautiful natural landscape! The Old Town of Rhodes, with its stone-paved streets and elegant mansions, is on the World Heritage List.

You can find below the places to visit in Rhodes, in brief, as a list so you may plan your holiday making sure that you will not miss any of them.

Rodos Adası'nda Gezip Görülecek Yerler
Rodos Büyük Üstat Sarayı

Grand Master's Palace

The Grand Master’s Palace, the symbol of the island, is one of the best preserved castles in the Mediterranean. It was built by the Knights of St. John in the Middle Ages and was reconstructed in the early 20th century.

Rodos Lindos Akropolü

Lindos Acropolis

The history of Lindos Acropolis, which was partially restored by the Knights, dates back to the Hellenistic period. A lot of work is still being done in the area today by both Greek and foreign archaeologists.

Rodos Filerimos Manastırı

Filerimos Monastery

Built by the Knights of St. John in the Middle Ages, this monastery is located on the Filerimos hill, close to the site of Ancient Ialyssos. However, it was rebuilt in the early 20th century.

Rodos Akropolisi

Rhodes Acropolis

The Rhodes Acropolis is located on the Monte Smith hill, on the west side of the city of Rhodes. Dating back to Hellenistic times, the Acropolis of Rhodes is filled with sanctuaries, huge temple buildings and public buildings. The entire Acropolis has not yet been excavated.

Rodos Arkeoloji Müzesi

Archeology Museum

Rhodes Archaeological Museum is located in the Hospital of the Kings, one of the most important buildings of the Middle Ages, and consists of a large inner courtyard surrounded by a two-storey portico. The museum exhibits a rich and very interesting collection from the Hellenistic period to the Early Christian period.

Rodos Akvaryumu


Rhodes Aquarium is located close to the center of the city. It is a research center for animals living in the Mediterranean.

Rodos Kelebekler Vadisi

Butterfly Valley

The lush green valley filled with plane trees and cool flowing waters creates a pure paradise. As this valley is a breeding ground for butterflies, visitors are requested not to make noise or disturb them.

Rodos Antik Ialyssos

Ancient Ialyssos

Ancient Ialyssos, located on the Filerimos hill southeast of the city of Rhodes, was one of the three most powerful city-states of Rhodes until the Hellenistic periods.

Rodos Antik Kamiros

Ancient Kamiros

Kameiros was one of the three most powerful cities of Rhodes in ancient times. It was probably destroyed by an earthquake and was discovered in 1929 during Italian rule.

Rodos Geyik Dama-Dama

Deer Checkers-Checkers

Deer Dama-Dama is a unique species that has lived for centuries only in Rhodes. Many legends say that this deer was brought to Rhodes by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages.

Rodos Büyük Hamam

Great Hamam

The Great Bath is one of the few remaining Turkish baths in the medieval town of Rhodes, built during the Ottoman occupation of the island in the 14th century. This bath is also known as Süleyman Hamam, Mustafa Hamam and Yeni Hamam.

Rodos Belediye Sanat Galerisi

Municipal Art Gallery

The Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes is located in a beautiful building on Simi Square in the Medieval City and houses a rich, interesting and beautiful collection of the most representative Greek painters of the 20th century (Fassianos, Maleas, Theophilos, Moralis and others).

Rodos Kallithea Kaynakları

Kallithea Springs

Since ancient times, the water of Kallithea was known for its beneficial qualities. In 1927, the Italians inaugurated their welding facility and built an impressive monument. After many years, the resources were reopened in 2007.

Rodos Panagia tou Bourgou

Panagia tou Bourgou

Built during the reign of Grand Master Villeneuve (1319-1346), it was later equipped with six chapels and seven vaulted tombs during the reign of the Knights.

Rodos Monolithos Kalesi

Monolithos Castle

Monolithos Castle, which offers a wonderful sea view from the hill it is on, was built by the Venetians in the Middle Ages. The castle is largely in ruins today, but the view from the top is magnificent.

Rodos Kutsal Üçlü

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church on Knights street dates from the 15th century and is one of the most beautiful churches in Rhodes City.

Rodos Müjde Kilisesi

Church of the Annunciation

The Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary has a different style from the usual churches in Greece; It has a Gothic architecture and the frescoes inside were made by the famous Greek painter Fotis Kontoglou.

Rodos Tanrıların Yolu

Path of the Gods

Path of Gods is housed in a building that combines medieval architecture with modern design. It was built to house replicas of historical artifacts. Next to the Path of the Gods, there is an excavation on an area of ​​1000 square meters dating to the Hellenistic Period, which started in 1976 and was completed in the 1990s.

Rodos Kritinia Kalesi

Kritinia Castle

Kritinia Castle was built by the Knights of St. John on a steep rock above the village of Kritinia in a beautiful spot with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, the neighboring island of Halki and the port of Kameiros.

Rodos Modern Sanat Müzesi

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art contains works by contemporary Greek and foreign painters who live permanently in Rhodes.

Rodos Yedi Kaynaklar

Seven Springs

This beautiful park has many hiking trails among pine and plane trees. The lake can be easily reached in just a five-minute walk.

Rodos Casino


Casino of Rhodes is located within the magnificent Grande Albergo delle Rose boutique hotel in Rhodes City. Visitors under the age of 23 are prohibited from entering.

Rodos Panagia Tsambika

Panagia Tsambika

Casino of Rhodes is located within the magnificent Grande Albergo delle Rose boutique hotel in Rhodes City. Visitors under the age of 23 are prohibited from entering.

Rodos Katolik Kiliseleri

Catholic Churches

Since the island was under Italian rule until 1947, there are two Catholic Churches in the Old Town of Rhodes. These; Saint Francis church and Santa Maria della Vittoria churches.

Rodos Yahudi Müzesi

Jewish Museum

The Rhodes Jewish Museum was established in 1997 to depict the culture of the Rhodes Jewish community devastated in the Second World War. The museum is located in the Kahal Shalom Synagogue in the Old City.

Rodos Rodini Parkı

Rodini Park

Rodini Park is a lovely park with cypress and pine trees, a stream flowing nearby and a mini zoo. Within the boundaries of the park are the remains of a Hellenistic tomb and a Roman aqueduct. You can walk around by following the narrow walking paths. The park is located on the south side of the city.

Rodos Arı ve bal Müzesi

Bee and Honey Museum

About 5 km from Rhodes town, towards the airport there is the Honey Museum and the Natural History of the Bee. This unique museum was created by the Dodecanese Beekeeping Company and presents the way honey is produced.

Rodos Stamatiadis Mineraloji ve Paleontoloji Müzesi

Stamatiadis Mineralogy and Paleontology Museum

The Stamatiadis Mineralogy and Paleontology Museum is the first of its kind in both Rhodes and the wider Dodecanese. One of the main ideas that governed the opening and hosting of this Museum has been the desire to expand mineralogical and paleontological experience far beyond the realm of strict recognition of specific areas that have traditionally yielded minerals and also harbored fossils.

Rodos Oyuncak Müzesi

Toy Museum

Rhodes Toy museum is located just outside the village of Archipoli, surrounded by olive groves mountains and pine forests. The museum is entirely solar powered as it was built with its stunning natural setting in mind.