Title: Meander Turizm Deniz Taşımacılığı Tic. Ve San A.Ş.

Address: Camikebir Mah. Mahmut Esat Bozkurt Cad. Turistik Site No:14/B Kuşadası/AYDIN

MERSIS NO: 0295010747400010

Head Office Tel: 0 (256) 612 88 88 – 614 38 59

Head Office Fax : 0 (256) 612 72 95 – 613 08 03


Hereinafter referred to as “SELLER”.

ARTICLE 1.2- BUYER       : 

Passenger transport ticket at https://www. The person who purchases from the ferrytosamos,.com website is the person named on the ticket in line with the information entered on this website and to whom the passenger transportation service will be provided. Hereinafter referred to as the “recipient”.

In case the credit card holder and the person who will receive the ticket service are separate persons; Both the owner of the credit card for which the ticket price is paid and the person who will receive the service are the buyers of this contract. According to this contract, both persons declare and undertake that they will fulfill the rights and obligations arising from this contract by gaining the title of the buyer.

The Buyer declares and undertakes that the information provided is correct, that he will comply with all the rules specified in this contract during the service provided, and that he will fulfill all the obligations of this contract.


The address of the website where the seller sells the “passenger transport ticket” under the provisions of this contract is “https://www.”.

Except for this website, all tickets declared to be sold by the seller are void.

“https://www. ” hereinafter will be referred to as “website” in this agreement.


The subject of this contract is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the sale of passenger transport tickets and the passenger transport service provided to the BUYER, electronically by the SELLER on the “https://” website. In this regard, the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers (“Law”) and the Regulation on Distance Contracts dated 27.11.2014 (“Regulation”) are taken as reference.


The services subject to this contract are the sale of electronic tickets on the website on passenger transportation by ship and the provision of passenger transportation services to the buyer for whom an electronic ticket is issued. Ticket; Seller’s name, title, full address, telephone, internet access information, MERSIS number, basic features of the service subject to the contract, sales price, payment method, boarding place, destination, travel date, departure time, information on the seller’s website when the order is finalized. The ticket is also sent to the recipient’s e-mail address. As soon as the buyer terminates the ticket order specified in this contract via the website, the ticket subject to the contract is deemed to have been DELIVERED. Upon delivery, it is deemed to have accepted and committed that it will comply with the rules in the contract and fulfill its obligations.


The Buyer gives the necessary confirmation in an electronic environment that he has read all the information about the basic characteristics, passenger transportation rules, sales price, payment method, and delivery of the passenger transportation ticket subject to this contract. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he has read this contract and the passenger transport rules, will comply with all the rules in the contract and will fulfill all his obligations when he buys the ticket.

In the event that the buyer does not comply with the rules specified in this contract and does not fulfill his obligations in accordance with the rules specified in the contract, the seller accepts and undertakes that he may terminate this contract immediately without any notice, without prejudice to all his rights.

All damages caused by the buyer’s failure to comply with this contract belong to the buyer himself.

Tickets purchased in accordance with this contract are only at the disposal of the person named on the ticket and can be used personally. The buyer accepts and undertakes that the information entered on the website is correct and that he has purchased a ticket to be used by the person named on the ticket. If it is determined that the person named in the ticket and the person who wants to receive the service are different, the buyer accepts and undertakes that the seller has no responsibility arising from this contract and can terminate this contract without any notice.


Due to the fact that the articles were written under the title of the “Third Section”, which regulates the “Use of the Right of Withdrawal and the Obligations of the Parties”, are not applied to the “Passenger Transport Services”; The BUYER has no right of withdrawal. 



Passengers must be present at our office to complete the check-in procedures at least 1 hour before the departure time in order to carry out passport, and visa checks and receive boarding cards. The Check-in process ends half an hour before the departure time. It is recommended to arrive earlier on weekends and during the high season.

15 minutes from the passenger departure time. must be present on the ferry first.

Our passengers are obliged to arrange the time they spend in the Cafeteria or Free shop within the Port area according to these rules.

2) ROUTE – RETURN TICKETS: These tickets are used for outbound and return trips on different days. The return trip must be dated.

Passengers who want to change the date of their return are obliged to inform Meander Turizm at least 1 day in advance. If there is availability on the ship, they will be taken to the voyage on the date they request.

3) Tickets are valid between the dates of the calendar year ( 01.04 / 31.10 ) in which they are issued.

4) NON-DEFERRED TICKET: The passenger ticket issued to the name is non-transferable and cannot be resold to anyone else. If a ticket is presented for carriage and reimbursement by a person other than the person entitled to travel with a ticket, the carrier shall not be liable to the person entitled to travel with that ticket if it carries the bona fide presenter or refunds the ticket to the presenter.


Articles of the Regulation on Distance Contracts dated 27.11.2014, written under the title of “Third Section”, which regulates the “Use of the Right of Withdrawal and the Obligations of the Parties”,

Since it is not applied to “Passenger Transport Services”; the BUYER has no right of withdrawal.

“Cancellation of the Journey and Refund Conditions

In no way can the seller be requested to change the passenger, date, time, and route information of the electronic tickets purchased in accordance with this contract. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he will not change the ticket he has purchased in accordance with this contract in any way after the sales approval and will not demand a refund.” even though it was said

Meander Turizm Passengers have the right to cancel and re-date their tickets once, or to re-date them once, provided that they notify 3 days before the departure time. Refund requests will not be accepted.


Legal, administrative, visa or the vehicle, pet, etc. that the passenger who does not originate from Meander Tourism wants to take with him. In cases that prevent entry/exit caused by the service contract, the service contract is terminated and no return request is accepted.

It is the passenger’s responsibility if the passenger who comes to the check-in process has a visa-passport deficiency. The ticket of the passenger who does not have a visa and passport is not refundable.


  • Passengers are responsible for registering their mobile numbers in the system. Thus, passengers can be informed about the cancellation or change of the flight.
    An unconditional 100% refund is made to the passenger on flights that cannot be performed due to bad weather conditions.
  • Due to force majeure (bad weather and sea conditions), Turkish and Greek port authorities and problems beyond our control, strikes, technical problems, unavoidable situations (unexpected extraordinary situations such as war, fire, natural disaster), and problems that cannot be resolved by the agency Due to this reason, flights may be stopped, changed or extended. Our company is not responsible for any costs or negativities, including transportation, accommodation, and food expenses, that may arise from these delays and cancellations.
  • In case of unscheduled Flag state controls, unplanned ship breakdowns, and operational reasons, the SELLER’s right of voyage time, route, arrival-departure port, and ship change are reserved.


  • Agencies should inform Meander Tourism Offices about passengers with special circumstances at least 1 day before departure.
  • Passengers who will travel with pets have to prepare the necessary documents.

9) – The passenger agrees to comply with the onboard regulations and the captain’s instructions.

10 – All kinds of disputes related to transportation are resolved in Kuşadası Courts in accordance with the current tariff conditions and Turkish Laws and Legislations.

11 – Women whose pregnancy period is over six months are not allowed to travel on our ships for their own safety.

12 – Unless proven by the judicial courts established in Kuşadası that it is caused by the fault and negligence of the seller, the seller does not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur to vehicles, suitcases, or personal belongings due to any injury or death. injury, death, loss, or damage; The seller does not accept responsibility if it occurs due to terrorism, riot, civil war, natural disaster, bad sea and weather conditions, or completely malicious acts by third parties.

13 – The ticket fee is only for the transportation between the port of departure and the port of destination. Tickets can only be used for the route indicated on it. It does not cover any other services offered unless additional fees are charged by the seller.

14 – There is no specific seat number on the ship.

15 – Greece does not require a visa from Green and Gray Passport holders.

16 — Regular passport holders must have a valid Schengen visa during their travel. Except for the consular visa, the “Greek Islands Facilitated Visa at the Gate” is applied between the dates determined by the Greek Authorities. Applications for Samos Island are made through our agency.

17 – As of the end of the trip, the passport must have a validity of at least 3 months.

18 – Turkish Citizens who have TRNC entry stamp on their passports cannot travel to Greece with these passports.

19 – It is dangerous and forbidden for passengers to board and disembark the ship before the ramp is fully opened during embarkation and disembarkation, before the ship’s personnel approves the embarkation or disembarkation and the necessary safety precautions are taken.

20 – If the passenger acts in a way that endangers the ship or any person or property, prevent the ship crew from performing their duties, or if the ship crew does not comply with the instructions or causes reasonable objections from other passengers, the seller may take action, including by arresting the passenger. may take the measures it deems necessary to prevent its continuation.

21 – Passengers must not get up from their seats during take-off and docking maneuvers. Passengers must comply with the warnings announced by announcements during the cruise. The seller cannot be held responsible for injuries and material damages that may arise from non-compliance with these rules.

22 – The seller will be liable only if the passenger or baggage is damaged due to his own fault. If the passenger has a negligent fault, the responsibility of the seller may be reduced or removed subject to the provisions of the legislation.

23 – The Seller shall not be liable for the damage suffered by the fragile and perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware, bills, or other commercial valuable papers, passports, and other identifications or their samples in the baggage.

24 – In the carriage of a passenger whose age, mental or physical condition poses a danger or risk to him, the seller shall not be liable for any illness, injury, or disability, including the death of this passenger, depending on or as a result of the aggravation of these situations.


Salesperson; For security reasons or at its discretion, the Passenger and/or Passenger may refuse to carry their Baggage in the following or similar cases:

     – Passenger behavior, age or mental or physical condition,

     – Requires the special assistance of the seller,

     – Causes inconvenience and objections to other passengers, or poses any risk or danger to other persons or property,

     – If the passenger’s failure to comply with the seller’s instructions necessitates such a refusal,

     – If the passenger has refused the security check,

     – If the passengers are under the influence of intoxicating substances and/or drugs, and if they arrive at the boarding terminal in a way that may affect the safety and comfort of other passengers and the cruise,

Passengers who are refused to be transported will not be refunded by the seller and no compensation will be paid in any way.


1 – It is forbidden to carry firearms and ammunition used for hunting and sports purposes as baggage. Hunting and sporting firearms and ammunition carriers may be accepted as checked baggage to the extent that they comply with the rules. Firearms must be unsafe and properly packaged.

2 – Seller; may refuse to carry any object as baggage due to its size, shape, weight, and nature.

3 – The seller may refuse to carry the baggage unless it is packed in bags, suitcases, or other suitable containers to ensure safe transport with normal care.

4 – Passengers have a free baggage allowance.

6 – Prohibited substances such as drugs are strictly prohibited. If it is determined that it has been moved, the responsibility belongs entirely to the carrier.